A heroe

DSC_2298Enrique Ubieta asked the question- to me the most interesting question of the afternoon- he remained silence. He just centered on the word ‘’ heroe’’ and confessed his father was his.

In his speech, René was very simple and honest. He talked about the internet and the necessity of charring the message about the five, of telling his loving truth, and his endless devotion.

It was like listening to a father or an older brother assuring that everything he did for us he did it from the heart, and we could see in his hazel eyes that he would do it again with no hesitation.

It was also sad. The nostalgia for his brothers, the need to have them home was evident. His hands were restless any time he pronounced their names, labored breathing… he felt like he did not deserve to be here, safe and sound. Tony, Gerardo, Ramón and Fernando should be by his side.

He did not answer Ubieta’s question. He did not want to say weather or not he believed there were heroes in the XXI century. There is no need to answer, I know there are. The center of this picture is radiated by a heroe’s light.

Acerca de lamariposacubana

Periodista. Adoro las mariposas y a mi familia (la de sangre y la que la vida ha puesto delante de mí: los amigos). Me encanta escribir. Orgullosa de ser hija, amiga, tía y hermana. Redondamente feliz de ser cubana.
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